Manuscript Preparation

Unlike a lot of other formatters, we require very little manuscript preparation from our authors. We will take care of stripping junk code out of your file and ensuring that the final product is lean, mean, and incurs minimal delivery fees on Kindle. Please complete the following steps:

  • Put everything you want formatted into ONE document (excluding images, more on that below). Put everything in the order you want it to appear in the paperback version of the book. "Everything" includes frontmatter, backmatter, and the copyright notice. It does not include the cover image.
  • Put a page break at the end of each chapter and section.
  • Put a * in each scene break. If you have multiple types of scene breaks, insert a * for a soft break and *** for a hard break.
  • Mark any special formatting, such as emails, letters, texts, or anything that you want to look different than the rest of the paragraphs with a **. Please note that you only need to mark an item if it is supposed to have special formatting. If you have a text message in the middle of a paragraph, or a letter that a character reads aloud as dialogue, you do not need to mark it.
  • If you have images, please note in your manuscript where each image should appear. Email the images as separate files, saved in jpg or tiff format, 300dpi, at least as large as you want them to appear in the book. Bigger is fine.
  • Have your ebook cover (or if we are only formatting the paperback, please have a low-res picture of your cover saved as a jpg) ready to send at the same time as you send your manuscript.

Do these, and your manuscript is good to go! Proceed to our formatting job submission form.