Price List

Please note that if you elect to pay us via PayPal, they will charge an additional 4%. You can pay us via check or money order if you prefer. Instructions will be in your invoice.

Cover Design

These prices are for the design work only, and do not include the cost of any images. We can obtain stock images for as little as $10 apiece, or can work with images the author may already have the rights to.

Paperback and ebook: $200*

Ebook only: $100*

Spine and back for an existing ebook cover: $100

Sizing or resizing only: $30

3D Promotional images: $20 each

Marketing images and other services: $35 per hour

* If additional image searching or extensive compositing are required, an hourly rate of $35 will apply. Price quotes can be given up front before such additional work has begun.

If you'd like our designer to design your cover, please fill out our project submission form.

Fiction Formatting

These prices are for books, 35 chapters or less, without illustrations, tables, headings and subheadings, footnotes, or endnotes.  For longer books, each chapter over 35 is an additional $1 per format (so $2 for the paperback and ebook.)

Paperback and ebook formatting: $200

Paperback or ebook formatting alone: $100

Paperback and ebook novella formatting (under 30,000 words): $150

Paperback or ebook novella formatting: $75

Ebook short story formatting (under 30,000 words and no chapter breaks): $65

Ebook anthology formatting $15 per author in the anthology per format

Edits and Typos $20 per hour per format

The formatters also offer a variety of upgrades, such as color ebook headers, ebooks with site specific sales links, multiple versions of the paperback interior to meet individual printer specs, etc. The full price catalog is in our project submission form.

Illustrated Books, Nonfiction, and Box Set Formatting

If your book has illustrations, tables, charts, headings, subheadings, footnotes, or endnotes, or if you would like us to combine multiple books into a single ebook or paperback as a box set (note that a box set is when the works are all by one author, multiple authors combining works is an anthology, mentioned above), please email us at In the email describe the project specifics and we will have a binding (on us) price quote to you within 2 business days.